The Essential Components of a Successful MLM Business Online!

Do you want to know how to get started in online marketing? Are you a seasoned online marketer, but feel that something is holding you back? Well, this article is for you.

I know that Internet marketing can be very complicated, especially to the beginner. There is too much information available! I am going to try to cut a path through all the confusion in this article.

If you have been marketing online for a while, five of these essential elements will be very familiar to you. However, the sixth element that I will discuss has the ability to make or break you when it comes to business success, and it is often underestimated.

I will begin by explaining the first five elements:

1. A list – You’ll want to start by building a list of prospects to market about your business. I want to emphasize the importance of marketing or promotion. You will need to understand how to promote your business online. Because there are so many marketing methods online, you will want to focus on one at a time until you master it.

2. A website – You need a customizable website with your picture, story, and maybe your video.

3. A sales funnel – The funnel is a process of offering tools and education to solve the challenges your prospects are facing. Your prospects will see you as a leader because you provide solutions to them, and this will help you build relationships with them. This industry is about relationship-building. Your sales funnel will help you help your prospects. This is a funded proposal strategy (creating multiple streams of income), and all master marketers use this type of strategy.

4. A system – You need a system that will help you market your business and train your new people effectively. This system will leverage your time and your energy by allowing you to simply plug your new distributors into it.

5. A primary opportunity – You need the system to introduce your prospects to your primary opportunity in a non-threatening manner, after they have been in your sales funnel long enough to appreciate the solutions you provide.

The sixth element, the one that is often overlooked and underestimated, is what I call “self work”.

We need to work on ourselves, not just our businesses, to be successful.Some people may say we need to work even harder on ourselves because that effort will have a direct impact on our business success.

What does “self work” mean?

–Self work includes daily work on maintaining the right way of thinking. Do you have limiting beliefs? Is your success in business being limited by a poverty mentality? The more you continue “self work”, the more valuable you will be to your team.Always strive to increase your value to others.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” — Albert Einstein.

In short, for online marketing success, you need a system that:

–offers a brandable website.
–allows you to offer value to your list and create multiple streams of income for you.
–presents your primary opportunity to your prospects in a non-threatening manner and trains your new distributors.

To be successful marketing online, be sure to commit fully to your online marketing system.

You can get all of these benefits from one system–the system I use.

The Copy and Paste Money Making Business Online

Competition can be a bit fierce during a recession leading your competitors to beef up their big online campaigns. If you are new to the world of creating a money making business online, it would be a great benefit for you to look for a copy paste system which allows you to duplicate effective advertising campaigns that have already gone through the trial and error process and are consistently producing revenue.

In order to keep up with the big dogs you would have to hire a good copywriter to provide the right emotional triggers just to get buyers to spend money during times when unemployment is at an all time high. Bringing in an online income is not as easy as one may think, however a well monetized website and a well oiled campaign will stump your competition and enable you to form a profitable money making business online.

There is no doubt that all the different advertising strategies available today can be overwhelming. Being able to differentiate pay per sale (PPS) and Pay Per Lead (PPL) is crucial for optimizing your advertising, not to mention Cost Per Action CPA) or Pay Per Click (PPC).

Trying to figure out which is performing better and divide the percentage among them would force you back to school to become a CPA. A well designed copy paste system takes all the guess work out of the equation and simply allows you to copy what is already working increasing your money making business online to perform right away and eliminating the learning curve.

You need to understand that the savvy marketer will become more creative and look for ways to offer flexibility to the buyer who is still scared in this troubled economy. You will need this edge if you want to stay in the game.

If you are the lazy the marketer who is troubled by the amount of work it takes to truly have a money making business online, you are truly correct it is a lot of work. Having to learn the massive amount of ways you can earn money with online advertising would take years to master.

Even newspapers, ezines, television and magazines are having trouble stabilizing subscribers, viewers and buyers. Why? you may ask, because they are flocking to the free forms of media and entertainment like the Internet and radio.

Companies are starting to advertise more online which gives you an open door to just walk in and profit with little or no effort. A copy and paste money making business online would give you a greater opportunity to jump to the top and join the few who are making a good online income.

A copy paste system will teach you step by step the strategies and secrets your competitors are using to be successful and will give you the knowledge to be able to raise the bar and become even more innovative and creative within days rather than years.

Wouldn’t it be grand to finally have that money making business online that you have been struggling so hard to achieve? Don’t hope for it anymore it’s time to reach out and get it.

How to Advertise Your Business Online Cost Effectively: Advertising Ideas for Your Small Business

Learning how to advertise your business online without losing your shirt can be mind-boggling with all the internet hype you see online these days.

Quite obviously, if you’re a small business owner, you can’t afford to dish out thousands of dollars to purchase your own website, and Google pay-per-click will gobble up your money in no time!

Pay-per-click is especially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Everyone who has been successful with paid advertising has admitted that you just have to be willing to “waste” a lot of money in the beginning until you figure out how to track your success and tweak your ad…

… The idea behind pay-per-click is that you need a strong capture page to attract attention… but that’s not enough!

Once you attract attention, the visitor clicks your link (and you pay) – but then you need a strong sales page to finish the deal – or you’re out some big bucks!

So what do I suggest for how to advertise your business online without paying thousands of dollars on pay-per-click?

Blogging is the new way of how to advertise for free, since the average buyer is looking more to be entertained than to be sold. And there’s no better entertainment and your own personal story-telling or video!

Naturally, for the purpose of making the blog about how to advertise your business online, you’ll want to include links that go to good capture pages and sales funnels.

Even if you learn how to advertise for free using a blogging system, you’ll need to setup a capture page, sales funnel and shopping cart. But your reader is drawn to your product initially by being attracted to your blog.

How to advertise your business online using a blog… (learn what attracts people to your blog)

The fastest action comes from social media, and the long-staying action comes from ranking your blog on Google. Contrary to popular belief, some of the top sites you’ll see on Google are blog sites…

… but it depends on what you’re searching for.

For example, my own personal blog is currently ranking top of Google for “Easy Money Making Blog”.

What makes your blog rank highest?

1. An authority domain

What is that? Anyone can buy a domain (that’s the name of your blog.. most people just use their own name dot com. However, as businesses come and go, so do domains. The ones that Google will pay particular attention to are the ones that have been in operation longest – so domain age is a big factor.

2. Social “likes” & comments

The easiest way to explain this is that you need to build popularity on your blog for it to rank. Social commenting and tweeting will help a lot, so it’s best to syndicate your blog through Facebook, Twitter and other social sites each time you create a post. This will start the ball rolling.

3. Backlinks

When you have a good site, other sites linking to it (“track-back”) will help the popularity of your site. The more popular the site linking to your site, the more popular your site will become.

But when you’re learning how to advertise your business online using a blog, you need to begin with keyword research…

Google’s keyword external tool is actually not as easy to use as it used to be, so I prefer to use keyword research software. This will tell you not only how many people are searching for a particular phrase, but how much completion there is for you to get ranked.

For example, the keyword phrase in this post, “how to advertise your business online” gets over 200 searches monthly, and the keyword phase “free advertising ideas” gets over 1000 searches monthly.

If you’re trying to rank on Google for free, it’s mandatory that you frame your blog post around a keyword phrase that gets very little competition…

Then, simply put that phrase into the “tag” section on your blog. The “long tail” phrase (several words) is notoriously easier to rank.

For how to market a product, the more specific your phrase, the easier it is to rank.

And, your blog visitor will also be more likely to be very interested in your offer. For example, if I’m looking to but a hairspray that works well for curling fine hair, I would be much more interested in reading a post about “hairspray for curling fine hair” or even “best hairspray for fine hair” as opposed to “best hairspray”.

If you’re looking for how to advertise for free, blogging isn’t completely free, as you do have to pay a monthly fee for hosting.

However, if you use the system often enough by blogging daily, you’ll find that blogging is the most cost effective way of how to advertise your business online available today.

Setting Up Your Online Systems Quickly and Easily in 5 Simple Steps

As I was teaching at a recent workshop the same question kept cropping up again and again, and it went something like this:

“I’m just starting out in my business. What advice would you give me for knowing where to start in terms of setting up my online systems?”

And this question came out of sheer confusion and frustration – you know, too much information. One person tells them they need this system; another person tells them they need that system, and so breeds the confusion and overwhelm.

So, here’s my advice for getting your online systems set up quickly and easily:

1. Get an all-in-one ecommerce solution. You’ve heard me say this before, but you really do need a single system that you can use for your broadcasts (newsletter), autoresponders (follow up), shopping cart, affiliate management, and contact database. Two really great systems currently available are 1ShoppingCart and Infusionsoft. My opinion: 1ShoppingCart is good; Infusionsoft is better. Don’t worry though, both systems will grow with you and you can easily grow your business into six figures and beyond using either one of these systems.

2. Get online quickly by creating a simple one-page website that advertises your free taste and has a sign-up box that allows your visitors to get on your database (a.k.a. your list). The fancy, all-singing-all-dancing, website can come later (and I recommend a WordPress blog rather than a static website). If you are a solo service professional then your priority is to quickly establish an online presence so that you have somewhere to send people when you start to implement your online marketing strategies (see point 4 below). And you can add the URL and details of your free taste to your business cards for when you hand them out at networking events. This way you are building your list from the get-go!

3. Create a ‘stay-in-touch’ system, whether that’s sending out a weekly or bi-weekly ezine (newsletter) or some other kind of ‘touch’ marketing strategy. If the thought of preparing a weekly, or even bi-weekly ezine, scares you, then create something much simpler like a “tip of the week” (short article) or maybe even an audio tip if speaking is your forte. Note: a main ezine article is typically 400-700 words; and a shorter “tip of the week” would be about 250-350 words.

4. Take your article, or short tip, or whatever you use for your ‘stay-in-touch’ strategy and repurpose it using a variety of online marketing strategies. Example: that new article you’ve just written, post it to your blog, then submit it to various article directories, break it down into quick tips for adding to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and record it and create a podcast episode out of it. This is what I call creating your Online Marketing Flow. And the idea behind this is that you are drawing visitors back to your website via my different routes. Once a visitor gets to your website, they’ll be able to sign up for your list.

5. For your most popular articles, i.e. those ones that generate the most feedback, add to the content and turn it into a free teleclass so that you can build your list and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

That’s it! Just five simple steps to get online quickly, add people to your database (your list), and build your business. It doesn’t need to be complicated; in fact the simpler you can keep things, the better. This is what I was telling the attendees at the workshop and you could see the relief in their faces once I’d laid it all out for them.

(c) 2011 Tracey Lawton