How To Successfully Market a MLM Business Online

Marketing your MLM business online can be a good option for a networker who has moved through their warm market or who is looking to expand and leverage their marketing efforts. However, there is more to marketing an MLM business online than most companies will teach so it is important to put your efforts towards marketing techniques that work and not spin your wheels with the bad advice that it is often given to many marketers who are new to the Internet.

There are lots of resources available on the Internet and from your company to help you market your MLM. However, many Internet marketing techniques are either wrong as they revolve around promoting a replicated company web site or are not appropriate for someone who is just starting out.

Here’s what most people will hear:

  • First, your up line will tell you need to make your potential customers aware of your product with your replicated web site or tell you to build your own blog. This is usually when most people glaze over. Chances are they don’t know how to “promote” a web site or build a blog so not only are they being asked to master the details of a new company and product, but also they are also supposed to simultaneously become computer experts to the level of being able to push other people off the first page of Google.
  • Second, your up line may tell you that you need to let the people around you know that you are now a distributor for the product and more importantly, you should try to recruit the people around you to join by handing out business cards and flyers with your company web site. Did you cringe? So did the person you were trying to pitch your opportunity to.
  • Finally, you’ll hear about how when you provide superior service, you’ll create loyal clients who will purchase all the time from your web site and tell all of their friends about it. Well this sounds good, but it is much easier said than done.

At the end of the day, there is a much better way to build your business online that does not require your needing to learn search engine optimization, html code or web 2.0 etiquette. There are a few systems on the Internet that you can subscribe to which provide all of these systems for you. They are funded proposals which allow you to generate your own leads. Without leads your business simply cannot grow.

A quality funded proposal will have a system already in place where you can immediately have a customizable web site, capture pages (to gather leads), affiliate offers (to provide income to you along the way) and start providing quality information to other network marketers who are in the same boat you are in. It will have an auto-responder in place to help you build a rapport with your leads, along with quality training. If these things aren’t in place you may be doomed. Seriously.

Even if you have the expert skills needed to put together a system like this on your own, chances are the people who you work with will not have the necessary skills to create a system to market their MLM business online. You need to be able to plug them in and get a check in their pocket within the first 90 days after you bring them on board or they will leave you. The Internet is highly distracting and has many shiny new things that draw people’s attention away. If your system can help others succeed, they will not be lured away, rather they will approach their marketing with passion.